First post!

Posted 2021-8-17

This is the first post on this blog!

qt.gy (pronounced cutie guy) will be a personal and security tech blog. I've tried to start a blog in the past, but it always hasn't quite worked. But I'm sure now my life is interesting enough that I'll have plenty of things to write about.

The blog itself uses Poet. Although the framework looks a bit unmaintained (it has recent commits, but it also has a call for maintainers open on the readme), it's simple enough that I could fork it, I think. I'm writing this in Markdown, and then Poet compiles it to HTML. The templating of the site is with pug, as recommmended by Poet.

For now, I'll keep my identity secret. Although I haven't been secure with that in the past (in ways I won't mention yet, opsec lol), perhaps not linking this blog to my real-life identity will encourage me to be a bit more upfront about identity stuff than I am in, well, real life.

On the other hand, the cost of that is that the interesting security stuff I'll post on this blog won't help me, networking-wise, in terms of getting a job in real life. But hey, I did decide to stay in academia after graduating with a bachelor's degree, so I'm set for the next few years at least.

I'm not sure if I should alter my voice for this blog or not. I've been told that I speak too technically, which... bothers some people, especially when it's perceived as me being mad at people. But I suppose that's something I'll figure out on the way.