RecoverMy.Video Alternative: Monitoring Youtube Playlists

Posted 2021-9-9

Today, RecoverMy.Video posted a shutdown notice. Unfortunately, it looks like because Youtube changed their developer policy to prohibit monetization from people using its API, it cannot economically operate anymore.

This is very sad, but I'm not here to talk about why it's sad, or why Google is making a terrible mistake. Other people can do that better, on other platforms. Instead, since I was using this to monitor my own playlists, and I'm going to share what I'm using to replace it.

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Bypassing Cloudflare using Cloudflare

Posted 2021-8-26

To Cloudflare customers: Are you using Argo/Cloudflare Tunnel to connect to your origin server? Have you set up authenticated origin pulls with a customer-generated certificate (not the Cloudflare cert, that doesn't help)? If you answered no to both questions, then all of your Cloudflare security measures can be bypassed.

This includes your WAF, page rules, firewall, DDoS protection... it's all irrelevant if you don't set up your zone carefully, and even the Cloudflare documentation itself doesn't (currently) make this point super clear. And, for security, these best practices should be excruciatingly clear.

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First post!

Posted 2021-8-17

This is the first post on this blog!

qt.gy (pronounced cutie guy) will be a personal and security tech blog. I've tried to start a blog in the past, but it always hasn't quite worked. But I'm sure now my life is interesting enough that I'll have plenty of things to write about.

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